Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm feeling somewhat random today. My thoughts, though they most certainly should be aimed in a few particular directions, seem to be pinging around in a most random way.

Here’s a sample:

It snowed last night, not enough to impact traffic, but just enough to leave a pretty dusting over my corner of the world.

Why do the clocks change on Saturday nights when we switch back and forth from daylight savings time? Everyone seems tired today. Wouldn’t it make more sense to change the time early Saturday morning instead of Sunday?

This is my view from my desk many times during the day.

If a bunny or a dog or a kid on a skateboard dares to go by my house, I’m the second to know.

Why does the sound of a ticking clock have two opposite effects depending on the mood of the hearer? Some days the tick, tick, tick is comforting—cozy even. Of course other days when deadlines rule it reminds me that time is slipping away like snowmelt through the gutter that sits alongside my office window, which also tick, tick, ticks—but not in such an orderly fashion.

So, what’s going through your mind today?

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