Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Check this out!

Look what was delivered to my house yesterday.

A friend asked, “I wonder what the clerk who filled your order thought about sending Searching for Spice by Megan DiMaria to Megan DiMaria?”

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

For the past dozen years, I’ve gone to an outdoor worship area at a local church on Good Friday to spend time with my Lord. It’s a beautiful spot, high above the plains, nestled in the pine trees, with an awesome view of the spine of the Rocky Mountains.

This year four of my girlfriends joined me. A sweet time with my Lord was even more special because I was able to share it with four wonderful women for whom I care deeply.

See the cross? At the base are nails and hammers. After you pray, you pound a nail into the cross and leave your sins, short comings, sorrows, idols, worries and fears at that site and leave that place feeling joyful and refreshed.

Yes, Good Friday is a sorrowful remembrance, but the joy of Easter is around the corner. It’s because of that blessed, empty tomb that my life is so full and rich. Thank you, Jesus.

A Day in the Life of Belle

Somehow it brings to mind the song, "but tomorrow may rain, so~I'll follow the sun."

And that's pretty much what my old dog does most of the time. Sleep.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New & Noteworthy!!

Look at that! Searching for Spice is right there on the top shelf with the new books at my local Lemstone Christian store.

Here's a photo of my book being sold for the first time.

And these are my friends Genevra and Jan. They were holding the entire stock of SFS. LOL. Now that Genevra purchased one, they're 50% down of the supply in town. No worries, I was told they'd order more.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Riiight there!

See where I'm pointing? Right up there after the pink book and before the blue one. Right between Vanessa Del Fabbro and Susan Downs & Susan May Warren.

That's where Searching for Spice will sit.


That photo was taken on Monday night at the monthly HIS Writers meeting. That's the Denver branch of ACFW. Paula Moldenhauer was addressing the group as part of a round table discussion about preparing for conferences. Photos are courtesy of Pauline Fortuna of Fat Tuna Photography. She was on hand to take some head shots for writers who needed to update their author photos.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've got a website!

I've had my domain name pointed to a blog for a few months, but now I've got a real-live website!

Check it out:

It's pretty basic, but then, I made it myself. Expect it to evolve into something less green. :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Friends

I missed a lunch date with my girlfriends the other day. They were celebrating Searching for Spice. Sigh. I really wanted to join them.

I had to stay home for the arborist--our Aspens have leaf issues. So much for the glamorous life of a novelist. At least I got loads of laundry washed. :)

Sharon was surprised by what she read.

Tonya was moved to tears.

And Heather couldn't stop reading.

Of course there's no picture of Jan because she was behind the camera. She blogged about it though.

Friday, March 07, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

It’s always a pleasant surprise to bump into a friend in an unexpected place. That happened to me when I was in my local library.

I was breezing through the building and stopped-up short when I saw Pink, a book written by my friend Marilynn Griffith.

The library has a display about fashion and beauty, and there was Marilynn’s book! It tickled me so much, I had to take a photo.

I highly recommend Marilynn's books. They're wonderful. Pink is one of the books in her Shades of Style series about high fashion and romance in NYC. This series is great if you want to stick with some new favorite characters for a while. Each of the books (there's four of them) focuses on one of the four friends represented in the series.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Check this out!

It looks as though even 23-year-old men are captivated by Searching for Spice.

Either that or someone is just trying to "get in good" with the girlfriend's mom.

That's okay, Scott. I like you whether or not you read my book. But if you really want to read it . . .

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Laughing Out Loud

Today I laughed so hard with a friend of mine that we both cried.

My prayer for you this week is the you're so tickeled with something that you laugh until you cry. It's good for the heart and soul.

Pictured are my friends Heather and Jan. They're always good for a hearty laugh.

Thank God for friends, thank God for laughter.