Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New & Noteworthy!!

Look at that! Searching for Spice is right there on the top shelf with the new books at my local Lemstone Christian store.

Here's a photo of my book being sold for the first time.

And these are my friends Genevra and Jan. They were holding the entire stock of SFS. LOL. Now that Genevra purchased one, they're 50% down of the supply in town. No worries, I was told they'd order more.


Robbie Iobst said...

Megan what store is this? Very exciting. I just finished Searching for Spice - Great book. I will blog about it next week. CONGRATULATIONS ON A DREAM COME TRUE!

Kay said...

I think this is the most exciting thing yet! Seeing it in a bookstore! So cool! said...

Megan, isn't it the coolest feeling ever? When my first book came out, you would have thought that I was some crazed maniac. Every time I saw it on a bookstore shelf it lifted me up. Now, every time one of my kids sees my books, they say "Look, there's your book, Mom!" It really is the coolest! And here's a doesn't get any less cool when you have multiple books out there.



Katy McKenna said...

Megan--Wow!!! I have read through lots of your posts about your book and LOVED the fun pics, too! Huge congrats. It sounds like a GREAT book! I just turned to my hubby and told him I want to have an affair with him and guess what?? He gave me NO argument at all.... Ha.

Katy McKenna

Jan Parrish said...

Quick. Someone go buy it! Only one copy left. :)