Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stirred, not shaken . . .

I'm stirred by beautiful words and beautiful images and beautiful dreams.

I've been thinking about the dream I was having as I awoke the other morning. I was walking down a wide hallway on an upper floor. To my right was a turned staircase, leading down. As I walked down the hallway, beautiful sculptures of flowers bloomed on the walls. It was incredible. The walls were ordinary and flat, then as I passed, art burst from them in gorgeous 3D colors and metallic tones.

While I was eating my lunch it struck me that the colors and tones of the sculptures in my dream were like the art that hangs on a parking garage I drive past when I'm heading north. It's at the Lincoln Station Light Rail. Have you seen it? It's called Sun Stream. Check it out here.

Back to my dream. Before I walked down that hallway I encountered an unpleasant person who was trying to bully me. But I refused to be moved by that brute, left the room we were in, and found my way to that magical hallway.

And of course, me being me, that scene may very well end up in a novel one day.

The photo is of one of my favorite spots. Another spot that moves me as I write or read or spend time with loved ones. My lavender Adirondack chair sits beneath my aspen trees among the hollyhocks. It's early autumn, and my poor flowers are too tired to stand on their own. This will soon be a precious memory as snow is in our forecast for the first time this week.

Be blessed, and sweet dreams, friends!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Industry News

Sorry I've been AWOL from my blog the past few weeks. Life's been happening, and I've been participating.

I'm fortunate to be a contributor to the Novel Rocket blog where all things literary are discussed, and the contributors I rub shoulders with are all an inspiration to me. I write the monthly column on industry news. I hope you hop over there and take a look.