Monday, August 21, 2006

Still Climbing

Okay, not a mountain—but it’s a challenge none-the-less. I’m pushing hard to finish my novel, wanting to get over that 80,000 word hump. Over the weekend I went backward on my word count. Yowsa. A writing buddy told me not to panic because I was making the story better.

That’s the idea I’m pinning my hopes on. I’m looking forward to reaching my goal and looking back at this journey I’ve taken. And soon, very soon I’ll finish with this story and go on to the next one that’s just itching to pop out of my head. I can hear my next characters’ voices and feel their desperation at being stuck in impossible situations.

Oh, I can hardly wait!

Happy writing, friends.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An uphill climb

Last weekend I had the pleasure of climbing up the side of a beautiful Colorado mountain. I was as prepared as possible—the right shoes, comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and signs to point me in the right direction.

You know, that uphill climb is quite similar to writing. Most writers prepare themselves by going to conferences, practicing their craft, joining writers groups and critique groups.

Like most hiking trails, the one I was on started out smoothly and was clearly marked. I was fully confident that it would be a piece of cake. Then the path began to get steeper, and there were rocks, boulders and tree roots in the way. I was getting hot and sweaty. Even the water bottle began to feel like a 20 pound weight. I kept climbing upward and put my weary muscles out of my mind, and if my toe kicked a rock on the way, I remember to lift my foot higher the next time there was an obstacle in the path. I also tried not to get distracted by hikers who gave up and turned back before reaching their goal.

I bet many of those hikers could have had the thrill of reaching their goal if only they persisted. I have the same theory when it comes to being a published author. If only we persist, continue to strive for improvement and keep our eye on the goal, we just might reach that pinnacle we’ve dreamed of.

Long time, no blog

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m busy like most of you, writing and perfecting my story.

Speaking of writing buddies, I hope see all my old friends and make some new friends next month at the ACFW conference in Dallas. American Christian Fiction Writers is an awesome organization. I firmly believe without the benefit of being a member, I would have quit on writing. But the loving and giving ACFW writers are committed to helping fellow authors along their journey.

If you’re serious about writing fiction, check out ACFW. You’ll be glad you did.