Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Want to know what your problem is?

“Want to know what your problem is?”

The voice came from my right. I turned to find a pleasant-looking woman smiling at me, waiting for my response to her question. Her voice held both confidence and compassion, her eyes sparkled, and her posture was welcoming.

Having never been approached by a stranger with such an interesting question, I was intrigued. My author’s brain scrambled, creating several scenarios from the unusual interaction. (Perhaps this is a prompt for a future novel!)

Wouldn’t life be grand if someone could size you up, determine your needs, and offer a solution so easily?

Well, of course I said yes. After all, who wouldn’t want a pleasant, confident woman defining my problem and subsequently solving it within seconds of laying eyes on me?

I wish this fairy godmother had given me the secret to happiness or the key to security. I wish she could have looked into my heart and found the perfect prescription to making my day more blessed. But that didn’t happen. Easy answers and quick fixes, though desirable, are not common to the human condition, and that’s okay. If life is too easy the rewards might be cheapened. I’m fine with the fact that to achieve you have to work. To maintain relationships you have to be available and giving. To enjoy the fruits of your labor you have to, well, labor.

Are you wondering what my problem is?

I was in a store trying on a dress and looking in the three-way mirror in the dressing room when she approached me. The dress was about 99% perfect, but there was something off. She knew right away—the shoulder seams needed to be taken in an inch. She stepped up behind me and pinched the fabric up on each shoulder.

Now she didn't give me the secret to making a million dollars or the method to achieve world peace, but I just returned from the tailor and in approximately two weeks I’ll have the perfect summer dress.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Re-inspired!

A week ago today I drove to Colorado Springs to attend the Glen Eyrie Writer's Workshop. It was fabulous. A plus is that the workshop is held in beautiful Glen Eyrie, property crowned with a magnificent castle.

The GE workshop is an opportunity to get instruction in a small, more-intimate setting. There were only 60 writers and four instructors. Angie Hunt, Nancy Rue, Kathy Mackel, and James Scott Bell were the instructors. On the opening night the instructors discuss what area they will be specializing in. Angie did nuts and bolts of writing, Nancy concentrated on relationship (between characters and the readers), Kathy was all about story, and Jim taught about aspects of a novel.

I chose to to go to Kathy's sessions. Wonderful! That lady is a plot doctor. She gave me great insight and encouragement.

I had attended the GE Workshop once before, in 2007. It was nice to go back to see old friends and meet new ones. The theme this year was re-inspired. Great choice.

The photo below is special. It's the members of my local writing group, Words For The Journey, with Jim Bell.

I've already got the 2011 dates on my calendar: June 12th to 15th. Perhaps you might want to check it out.