Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy (Snowy) Spring Day

Yes, despite the nearly one foot of snow we received overnight, I believe that spring-like weather really will appear in Colorado.

This morning I awoke to this beautiful scene.

By early afternoon the snow had melted off the streets and sidewalks and the sky was brilliant blue.

I've seen some evidence of spring--my tulips are shooting up and I've been hearing robins singing. If you look in the upper left of the top photo, you'll see a robin sitting there.

He looked so patient, I had to take another picture of him. Look at him, all puffed up and patiently awaiting the greening of spring.

Now, if I could only learn some of his patience . . .


Jaime said...

in spite of how ready I am for spring, there is still such beauty in freshly fallen snow!! :) with the promise of spring in teh robin's song, eh? :)

Diane Marie Shaw said...

What helps me tolerate the late snows is the green that we will soon be seeing.