Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiction in Real Life #3 (Searching for Spice)

Like most authors, bits and pieces of my reality find their way into my fiction. Today I’m going to share a beautiful asset of my neighborhood, the Cherry Creek Trail. This past Sunday I took my first walk of the year on the trail (it’s been cold, okay?).

This photo is of the Cherry Creek Trail that is the setting for Linda’s walk on page 290 of Searching for Spice. The creek is on the right, beside the brush shrubs/trees.

The Cherry Creek Trail runs alongside the Cherry Creek (duh) which flows north for 64 miles until it reaches the South Platte River in downtown Denver.

The next photo is of the view from the trail, not very far from where the first photo was taken.

Can you see Linda and Belle walking out there in God's beautiful nature?


Jaime said...

I'm just fixated on the green grass. Everything is still brown here and kissed by coal-colored snow with rain pelting down and creating a town-sized mud puddle.

So yes ... your pics are BEAUTIFUL! :)

Megan DiMaria said...

Don't fixate too much on that grass, Jaime. The photo was taken last year. It's still brown here too. :)