Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Words For The Journey day

This morning I went to my weekly WFTJ meeting. I love being with writers striving to improve their craft and eager to accept the high calling to be used for eternal purpose through the work they create.

Today's topic was Making Time to Write and was presented by Jan Parrish. This is a photo of Jan illustrating portions of time in a day.

The point is, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!!

I sometimes do a book report for the group. I think it's a great practice for authors to spread the word about other books out there.

Today's book was Keeping His Pants On...Until He Gets Home by Joyce S. Oglesby. Joyce is a sweet, encouraging cheerleader for creating happy, satisfying relationships between husband and wife. She advocates a deliberate, thoughtful approach to the role of being a wife. Obviously not a Shrinking Violet, Joyce empowers women to take control of their sexuality in a biblical sense and abandon inhibitions that may stand in the way of close, enjoyable marital relations. Joyce tells tells it like it is and offers those stuck in a stagnant relationship strategies to change for the better. She's an equal opportunity author--the sequel is called Turning Her On...and Keeping Her Heart.

After the meeting a few of us went out to lunch together at a gas station. Yes, you read that right!!

The hoagie shop in Out of Her Hands is based on a local eatery. The real deal was awarded "The Best Sandwich Shop in a Gas Station Award" by a local newspaper.

And if you're wondering, my cheese steak sandwich (with Cheez Whiz!) was marvelous.

From left to right: Danica, Jan, Darcie, and Bonnie. Don't they look oh, so satisfied? Yeah, that's what Philly food will do to you.


heather said...

mmmmmm, Philly food.
Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to drool like that.

Megan DiMaria said...

I'm not surprised all this talk of Philly food lured you out of lurkdom, Heather.


D. Gudger said...

I'm still thinking about how yummy that was! And being a native Pennsylvanian - makes it all the better.

BTW - love your atumnnal look.

Joyce S. Oglesby said...

Loved your book review. You have quite the thumb on my personality. Great insight.

May God bless your days!

In Battle for His Cause,
Joyce Oglesby,
Author of "Keeping His Pants On Until He Gets Home"