Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Free Books!

Have you ever heard of GoodReads? It's a site where you can list what you're reading and rate what you've read. Basically, it's a networking site for readers. 

They've rolled out a new promotion to give away books! Lots of them. I'm participating and giving away 10 copies of Out of Her Hands.


Ruthie said...

Hi Megan,
I'm so excited - Jan gave me your book for my birthday. I posted it on my Birthday blog.
I am anxious to read it.
It's fun that it's signed, too. Jan said she told you not to let me buy one at the booksigning if I came - but I wasn't able to get there anyhow. LOL.
I almost bought one at B&N - but then I thought I'd wait till your booksigning there the end of Nov. :)
Hope things are well with you. Thanks for stopping by.

LAURIE said...

thanks again for the books. You are gifted and certainly an inspiration to so many of us writers out in the bloggy world. I have given you and your two great books a SHOUT OUT on my blog. I truly pray for Gods blessing upon you and your endeavors.

-Blessings, Laurie