Thursday, October 16, 2008

Authors @ Douglas County

Authors, keep marketing and keep an eye opened for local venues to advertise your books!

Last July I was interviewed for Authors @ Douglas County, a program that runs on our local cable TV station. My interview started being aired last month, and today it finally made it to the county website. I'm surprised at how many people have come up to me to say they saw my interview.

Of course I mentioned how important ACFW and the Colorado Christian Writers Conference were to my education.

I'm proud to be on this well-produced show. Unfortunately, I tend to look up and to the side when I'm collecting my thoughts. Won't be doing that again!!

Check out local television stations in your area for this type of opportunity. I've found another station that I'll be contacting.

In other news:
Is is just me or have you noticed how some of our everyday items are becoming super sized? Last year we had to buy a new garbage can, and this one is about twice the size of what garbage cans used to be "back in the day." Do you remember when all garbage cans were metal cylinders that made lots of noise on garbage day?

I've recently purchased new "everyday" silverware, replacing the 1970 stuff with 2008 stuff, and guess what?? The newer version is bigger, much bigger.

I gave away the old stuff, but I just found a knife and teaspoon. Have we all grown to ogre size? Are our hands and mouths the size of Shrek that we need super-sized silverware? Really?!


Jan Parrish said...

Yes, I noticed that. The teaspoons could be soup spoons, the soup spoons could be serving spoons and the serving spoons could double as ladles. LOL.

I thought the interview was charming. The animation just added to your enthusiasm.

lynnrush said...


Megan, how did you find those local stations? Just by calling the TV stations and newspapers and ask for special interests? And how do you typically approach them?

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for the kind words about the interview, Jan.

Lynn, I knew about Authors @ Douglas County because you can't help but she the show if you channel surf.

I also discovered another local cable show, north of Denver, that I'm going to contact for more information.

Both of these shows are local city/county shows, so I guess we need to investigate city and county websites for more info. When I googled the show I was interested in, it took me to my county's website.