Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Reading Personality: Serial Reader!

Here's my reading personality profile:

You may read a lot or a little, but either way you're a publisher's dream, because once you discover a favorite writer you stick with him/her through thick and thin and eagerly await the next in the series; but even you need to discover some new blood from time to time!

You can go here to find out what your reading personality is. 


Jan Parrish said...

I'm a serial reader too. Do you suppose there is a support group for that?

heather said...

I'm an eclectic reader:
"You read for entertainment but also to expand your mind. You're open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors."
I have a feeling that any of them would've described me in some way.

Kay Day said...

I'm an eclectic reader, too. I knew it.

CatMom said...

That was fun, Megan...thanks for sharing that site! I'm an "All-rounder" the quiz said (I fit into 3 different categories). Hmmmm...that might just be a nice way of saying I'm a little "mixed up"?! ;) Blessings, Patti

Robbie Iobst said...

My name is Robbie and I am a serial reader. (Hi Robbie) It's been 2 days since my last book...and I'm shaking!