Sunday, July 13, 2008

. . . and then we had dinner at a truck stop!

I had a wonderful time yesterday visiting with folks at Barnes & Noble (Cheyenne) and talking about Searching for Spice. And as usual, it was great to spend time with author Tina Forkner who was signing Ruby Among Us.

I always have fun chatting and laughing with book lovers. Yesterday, as per my usual MO, I was giving away chocolate kisses when the tables were turned and someone give me a small treat. Three delightful "Let's Do Tea" representative came to the book signing and gave me some yummy tea samples. Let me tell you, if drinking that tea makes people as happy as those ladies, then everyone should start enjoying tea more often. Thanks for the chuckles Mel, Julia, and Cindy. 

My DH and darling daughter #2 accompanied me yesterday, and on our way home we had dinner at a truck stop on I-25. And not just any truck stop, the World Famous Johnson's Corner. They've never closed their doors since 1952 when they first opened. They have the distinction of being one of of the "top ten BEST breakfast spots in the world" according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. Of course we had to order one of the cinnamon buns they're famous for. Thank goodness we only ordered one. They're huge. That's my daughter's fist next to the bun. 

It's a neat place, and much larger than I expected. Actually, since I've never dined at a truck stop, I really had no idea what to expect. LOL. 

Here's a photo I took from our booth looking toward the counter at the center of the restaurant. 

I'm glad I did this, it was fun to experience a slice of Americana with some tummy-filling food. 


Kay Day said...

Cool place. I've eaten at truck stops before. Sometimes memorable, but not because the food was good!

Jenny said...

The good ones feed you well and make you want to come back. You just have to look for those good ones, and look out for those special one (not in a good way;-).
BTW, a teaching friend of mine also is a Let's Do Tea rep. I got a personal tea pot and cup that fits together from her and enjoy a cuppa first thing in the morning during the school year. They carry very good tea.
Another place to get outstanding tea in in upstate NY--a little place in Glens Falls called Sensibili-teas. Here's their link.

Evangeline Denmark said...

Uh Oh! Bubba and I are on our way!