Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rock-Solid Writing at the Castle Rock Writers Conference

Yesterday I was on faculty for the 1st Castle Rock Writers Conference. Kudos to Alice Aldridge-Dennis, conference director, for pulling it all together. It’s always wonderful to spend time with other writers.

Also on the faculty were some of my talented friends: Sharen Watson, Kirsten Lasinski and Darlene Franklin. It was a delight to run into Sara Megibow an agent with the Nelson Literary Agency whose blog I enjoy daily. It was also a pleasure to meet Chris Ransick, Denver's Poet Laureate.

If you’re serious about finding success in publishing you need to learn the craft, spend time with other writers and attend conferences for instruction and encouragement. Local conferences are a great way learn and grow as a writer.


Kay said...

sounds like a good time! We had a birthday and out of town guests, so hopefully, I'll make it to the next one.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Hey! I was there too!!! LOL

Megan DiMaria said...

Sorry, Heather.

Yes, Heather was there--she crashed the conference.