Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writing is NOT a Solitary Endeavor

If you're a writer, do you belong to a writers group? If not, perhaps you should consider seeking out a group to join.

Writing is a tough profession, one with plenty of challenges and rejection. Just learning the craft takes a huge amount of effort, and then you also have to learn about the industry.

A writers group is a place to be accepted and encouraged while you learn, perfect your craft, and submit for publication.

I’m a member of an amazing local writers group, Words For The Journey. BTW, If you don't live in the Denver area, there's another WFTJ -- in Southeast Texas.

The WFTJ writers are cheerleaders, encouragers, counselors (when needed), teachers, and critiquers.

Each week at WFTJ we have a lesson on some aspect of craft or marketing. It’s like going to a weekly seminar. We also have the opportunity to share our work for a group critique.

Once a month, WFTJ hosts a guest speaker and holds our meeting at a local Barnes & Noble. Our speakers are agents, editors, multi-published authors, or an authority on some aspect of the industry.

I also belong to an online writers group, American Christian Fiction Writers. I truly believe I wouldn’t be published today if it were not for ACFW.

I ACFW joined in 2001, and I credit them with helping me to hang in there while I learned the craft. And of course there’s the big plus, which is their yearly conference.

Come on. Life’s hard enough without going it on your own as a writer. Find a group and get plugged in.


Jan Parrish said...

We are so blessed to have two amazing writers groups near us!

Robin said...

I just signed up for the Fiction that Sells writing course through ACFW. I used to be a part of an online critique group that was very helpful - but it fell apart due to lack of interest. I haven't been able to find a local group.
Thanks for sharing your good advice!

Megan DiMaria said...

Yes, Jan. We're blessed.

Hang in there, Robin. Maybe you'll find a local writers group.