Monday, February 22, 2010

Off the Page

On Friday I was a guest on "Off the Page," a local TV program that features Colorado authors. It was fun (as always) to discuss books and writing. The program's host, Stacey McKenzie, was well prepared and made the interview a snap.

The other guest on the program was Amanda Cabot. I didn't know who the other author was, and it was such a pleasant surprise to discover that it was Amanda. She hosts the Front Range Writers group in Loveland. I spoke to that group last October and wasn't able to meet her because she was out of town that day, so you can imagine my delight in finally meeting her face to face.

Publishing is such a small world.

I understand the segment I'm in will air in Broomfield and Denver counties in March and will also be on the county's website (you have to scroll down to Off the Page.)

The shows are are a fun way to get behind the scenes into the author's head. You should give yourself some time to enjoy viewing some of the segments.

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Danica/Dream said...

How fun!