Friday, February 05, 2010

The Grocery-Store Blues

It’s confession time. I don’t like grocery shopping. At all.

I just returned home from doing my grocery shopping, and if I were a paranoid person, I’d think some folks were out to get me.

You know that lady that pushes around the screaming child? Somehow she always shadows me through the store. Yea, she was there today.

What about the person at the deli counter that has a list longer than Santa’s naughty and nice list? Yea, I was behind him today.

And don’t you just want to clear your throat loudly when that gal monopolizes all the space in front of the asparagus so that you can’t select yours until she’s finished inspecting every bundle? Or is that just me?

So I was antsy at the store. It was busy today, maybe people stocking up on Super Bowl food. I don’t know. Then I was reminded about that verse in Philippians (2:14) Do everything without complaining and arguing. Could that even pertain to grocery shopping? Gulp - yes. So I purposed to practice my patience throughout the rest of my shopping trip. It wasn’t always easy.

The good part of the experience was when I realized that although I couldn’t control the other shoppers, I could manage my own attitude. So I did.

What’s your secret? How do you handle annoying circumstances?


Ruthie said...

Good post. I have those same people following me at the g rocery store.... The attitude is the key. :)

Jan Parrish said...

You and me both, Megan. I take my IPod, listen to encouraging music and thank God for his provision.

Kay Day said...

I generally try to put myself in their shoes. Usually works. Not always, though.

Patricia Stoltey said...

When waiting my turn in line, I consciously relax my shoulders and take slow deep breaths to turn the moment into a standing meditation. If I can do that with a little smile on my face, it can change my mood in an instant.

Thanks, Megan, for adding my blog to your list. I appreciate that.

Jen @ Happy LIttle Homemaker said...

I tend to go somewhere only when I know that I have "unlimited" time...then I can't get all cranky about it. Or at least it's harder.

Jaime said...

OH! And don't forget the lady who butt-bumpers you with her cart in line as you check-out. Like that's going to get me to check-out faster? ugh. :)
I hate grocery shopping too!

Jo said...

I just love that scripture that you used there Phil 2:14 Do all things without complaining and arguing. Sometimes I feel like I complain too much and need to clamp my mouth.


Danica/Dream said...

I'm impressed that you took a pic of the grocery store!