Monday, February 15, 2010

Touching Lives

And the winner is . . .

Thank you for participating in my Valentine’s Day book giveaway. Congratulations to LaDonna, the winner of Searching for Spice.

Happy Presidents’ Day to you.

We too often go about the busyness of life without really touching one another’s lives.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about living intentionally. I usually have a dislike for cool buzzwords that come into our culture, but this one might have some meat to it. For me, living intentionally is all about relationships—your relationship with God and your relationship with those around you.

I’ve been making an effort to s-l-o-w down a bit to enjoy conversations with friends and family, to give a little more of my time to help someone else, to be available to be a friend. To be honest, sometimes I’m anxious about volunteering my time for someone else. After all, like everyone, I’m busy too.

But here’s the thing, I’m trusting God to redeem the time spent in the busyness of life, and I've found I’m able to meet life’s deadlines and demands.

How about you? Can you join me in my experiment to be more giving, more conversational, and maybe even make more eye contact with those you blow past during the course of your day?

Who knows, perhaps the one reaping the benefits will be you. What do you think?


Denise Miller Holmes said...

Megan, I think a lot of people are looking for balance in their lives, and taking time to spend with friends and family is a part of that. I think it makes us happier people. Good post. Let me know how your experiment goes. :)

smithsk said...

Good reminder. Things, jobs, deadlines, .... will all pass away. But people will go into eternity and are worthy of investment.
Happy Lincoln's & Washington's Birthday & Valentine's & Presidents' Day & Ash Wednesday and Lent. (For a short month, February is sure packed with great holidays.)