Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pammer carded me and I'm responding. Uh, I don’t really know what the term “carded” actually means, but I’m like the geek in high school who isn’t on the “inside,” so I’m not going to ask. I’ll just go along with it.

Ronie Kendig altered this CARDED meme to include a Spiritual Wish list so we can know how to pray for each other, both spiritually and physically. Sweet!


1. Each player starts with 5 gifts that they would want for Christmas.
2. People who are "CARDED" need to write their own Blog about their 5 things & post these rules.
3. At the end of your Blog, you need to choose 5 people to get "CARDED" and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a COMMENT telling them they're "CARDED," and to read your Blog.

My Materialistic Gift/Wish List:

1. A new kitchen sink and a new bathroom. See I’m not as spoiled as some people may think. Jewels, electronics, vehicle, ets. are not on my list. I’m a really, really happy and satisfied woman.
2. The money to stay home and write. I stole this one from Pammer. I know that day will come, but until then I’m locked into the dreaded day job. (Part-time though, praise God!)
3. Anything from JJill.
4. A new purse. The one I have is beginning to show wear.
5. A weekly housecleaning service. Boy that would be nice.

My Spiritual Gift/Wish List:

1. Discipline to spend more time in Bible study.
2. The ability to look outside of myself more and see the needs of others.
3. The ability to be more organized.
4. Discernment to know what is truly important and what I should just let go.
5. Wisdom for everyday living.

The people I carded are:

Oh, I used that photo of Belle because it makes me laugh. She's really a cute dog and her head is not really two sizes too big for her body.


Jan Parrish said...

Yikes. I'm really too old to be carded. LOL.

Belle looks like ghost dog -but cute.

Pammer said...

Darling dog picture. My dogs won't sit still for a pictures as they are dedicated lickers (not to mention horse-sized). Pet your little poochie for me.

Love your lists.

Carded sounds like an inside joke Back when I smoked, sometimes I would get carded to see if I was old enough to buy ciggerettes. I had a job that I had to card people to see if they were old enough to buy beer.

so carding you is a good thing. . .means you look young. :D


Jenny said...

Uncle. Okay, I'll do it but it may be later today or even later this week--we're heading to my mom's in a bit and I shouldn't even have checked my email! You know, I think if we lived in the same place, we could get into a lot of trouble :-)

Jenny said...

Just so's you know, I did make good. The meme is posted as of today. Thanks for the nudge ;-)