Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some pretty cool obsolete words

Last week I discussed beautiful words, so in keeping with a words theme let's talk about obsolete and archaic words.

In 2000 I attended my first writers conference and was surprised to hear a list of words that are out and considered archaic. I can't recall them all, but one was burnt. The (current) proper word is burned. Regardless, I've heard people say burnt again and again. Apparently they didn't get the memo.

I ran across an article that discusses obsolete words that shouldn't have gone out of style. It's an interesting list, and I wish some of those words were still in use. They're so expressive.

This list is a treasure of possibilities--words authors could bring back into use.

Take a look at a few:
Snoutfair: A person with a handsome countenance — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk
California widow: A married woman whose husband is away from her for any extended period — John Farmer’s “Americanisms Old and New”, 1889
Groak: To silently watch someone while they are eating, hoping to be invited to join them –www.ObsoleteWord.Blogspot.com

Wouldn't some of those words make intriguing titles?

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