Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everybody has a story

I've always known everybody has a story, and I'm fascinated by the stories of everyday people.

I once went to a new hairdresser, and within twenty minutes of meeting her I heard a most interesting story. After she told me, she stepped back, blinked and said, "I can't believe you got me to spill my beans." The memory still makes me smile.

I think the reason I got her to spill her beans is simply because she knew I was interested in her story.

See the photo on the left? My mom's in the center. I think she was about 17 at the time. She's with her sister and an aunt, walking on a NYC street. I've got plenty of stories about those ladies.

I stumbled across a fascinating website called Humans of New York. It's full of amazing portraits with small captions that give a taste of the subject's story.

I know I'll be checking back to see more photos and read more captions. My writer's mind loves that I can go there and find "characters" that I can put into novels.  :)

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