Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Fall in Love

Did that title catch your attention? Everyone wants to fall in love, to be loved. It’s a universal need, a desire knit into our very cells.

I wish I had ten easy steps to guarantee you’ll fall in love with the perfect partner, but I don’t have all the answers.

However, I have a suggestion. Instead of spending your energy looking Mr. Right or Ms. Right, spend time preparing yourself to be the best person you can be so when that special person comes along, he or she will recognize you as that one they’ve been searching for.

I wrote a book about a married woman who longs to have a sizzling affair—with her husband. Searching for Spice turns the tables on the usual “ten easy steps to happiness.” Pick it up or download it, it may give you some good ideas.

If you have no sweetheart in your life this Valentine’s Day please remember that your worth doesn’t not come from receiving a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers. You’re special and important and valuable in your own right. Take a moment to thank God for that, and remember that God has a great plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11).

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