Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did you judge Whitney Houston?

Early Saturday evening my daughter told me a celebrity had died. She asked me to guess who it was and gave me a hint: a singer.

Whitney Houston was my first guess. I was surprised and saddened to be correct. I based my guess on the fact that Whitney’s life was a cautionary tale about the dangers and heartache of drug and alcohol abuse. And face it, when it came to picking a husband, she didn’t make the greatest choice either. (The people you hang out with DO influence your life.)

I mourn the passing of this woman with enormous talents and gifts. I had wondered if she was a lost soul, and I discovered that she knew her value in the scheme of eternity. Take a look at this news video where her friend Kim Burrell speaks about Whitney. How sad that drugs were a power she couldn't conquer.

On Monday I saw a Facebook post warning people not to judge Whitney by assuming she died of anything other than natural causes. “After all,” the poster said, “she could have had an undiagnosed heart ailment.”

Yes, she could have died of natural causes, but that seems unlikely. I thought it was kind of the FB commenter to admonish us not to jump to conclusions, but the truth is that we advertise what kind of people we are by the way we live our lives.

So, think about it--what are you advertising by the way you live your life?


Donna said...

I was so sad to learn of this extraordinarily talented woman's death. And it's made me even sadder how people have jumped to judging simply because that particular addiction didn't have them by the throat. Her spiral was such a clear picture of what Satan intends for all of us - our complete destruction. And none of us immune to his lure. Rather than judging, I found myself praying that God would keep bringing to mind the things in my life that could spiral out of control. And to give me His strength to endure and prevail. As I see FB posts calling Whitney all kinds of names and ugly labels, I'm surprised that they consider themselves Christian. Just my two cents!

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for joining the conversation, Donna. I've been praying comfort for Whitney's family and friends. Such a tragedy.

Beth K. Vogt said...

I've been saddened by Whitney Houston's death -- mostly as I think of how young she was and of her daughter, who must be heartbroken.
And while we shouldn't judge, the reality is that people do judge -- especially public figures and celebrities.
And when I say "we" judge, I include myself in that group. I've done it -- and I'm sorry that I have. I've been judged too -- and I know how painful that can be. I hope that getting older is also becoming wiser -- and kinder.

Paula said...

I'm sad about this. She truly was one of the talent greats of all time, started out singing in church . . .