Friday, October 16, 2009

I've been busy

Sorry to be so neglectful of my blog. I've been gloriously busy. For the past several months we were planning my daughter's wedding. So much effort went into a day that passed much too quickly. The happy day was October 4th.
Please enjoy the photos and share our joy.

We were thrilled that friends and relatives traveled from NY to spend this time with us. They arrived on Friday morning, and we had al fresco lunch in my backyard.
We rented a 15-passenger van and packed it. My daughter Liz looks so happy to be joining the family onboard, doesn't she?

Here's the rehearsal. Kathleen and Scott were practicing their first kiss.

The rehearsal dinner was so much fun. Here's the happy couple with their grandparents.

I love this photo. Kathleen's bridesmaids were fussing with her gown, but she was intent on getting to her groom.

It had been windy in the afternoon, and my husband Carl and Pastor Jack prayed for the wind to calm. When Kathleen appeared, a gust of wind lifted her vail. She was quick to grab it and continue on to Scott.

As soon as her feet hit the grass, the winds died and were quiet for the ceremony.

It was a wonderful, sweet time. Here's a photo of the bride and her sister and cousin Jen.

AG (Aunt Grace) with Scott.

All the pretty girls.


Candee Fick said...

Beautiful photos. And it looks like you had great weather for October. Thanks for sharing them.

Jan Parrish said...

Those are some great shots. Kathleen did a great job selecting the bridesmaids dresses. They looked good on everyone!

Jenny said...

Oh how beautiful! It all came together just perfect! But where are the photos of the mother of the bride? Hope you got a special one of the two of you.

smithsk said...

Thanks for sharing this special moment in your life.

Did miss your blogs. Glad to see you're back.