Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Evolution of my Writing Space

I've been talking about my new office, and lest you think I'm putting on airs let me tell you that I've paid my dues as far as writing spaces go.

When I decided to commit myself to really making a run at publication my darling husband set up a desk in the basement. Old desk, old PC, but it was under one of the few heat vents in our unfinished basement. The desk is piled with junk now, but you can see the calendar pages I taped to the concrete wall to make it more cheerful. When I was working there I kept a jacket and scarf nearby because it got pretty chilly down there in the cool months.
My daughter Liz says the random images on the wall looks like the scene in the movie when the cops finally track down the address of the mass murderer. Once a writer friend asked to see my writing space. When I took her down to the basement her comment was, "Wow. You must really want to write to do it down here." So true.

Then I got a laptop, and I no longer was relegated to the dim, cold basement. I would write in my living room sitting on a chair or this loveseat with a lap desk.

Most of my writing was done on the loveseat with a dog sitting beside me -- and sometimes inching her way on to my lap.

One year during the holidays I mixed things up and sat in a rocking chair to write.

See my laptop on the footstool in front of the chair? It was pleasant to sit next to the Christmas tree and enjoy the holiday fragrance.

On occasion I throw an old piece of particle board and an old suitcase over the bars of my treadmill to create my treadmill desk. Yes, writing in the basement. Again. At times.
When the weather permits, I work outside. This is a photo of an autumn day. I guess I'm stubborn about working outside -- even when it gets cool. I had two throws and a jack to keep me warm.
This year my outdoor office expanded when I got this Adirondack chair for Mother's Day. It is very comfortable.

Drum roll, please . . .

And now I've got a whole room to myself!

It's still a work in progress. I have more decorating to do, and I need to haul some of my books into the bookshelf. And look, it's a room without purple. (I've been on a purple kick for a few years now.) The walls are blue, it's the only blue in the house, but I want to feel like I'm riding a cloud in the sky. To compensate for the lack of royal purple, I selected gold, another shade of royalty. :)

I finally decided on a quote to use over the couch. It says, "You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club." ~Jack London.

I trust God will bless me lots and lots of words while I work in this office. It's wonderful to finally have a place for all my stuff.

And now, back to writing!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved this post! It is a beautiful room and may God bless it with creativity, productivity and peace! Enjoy!


Danica/Dream said...

Megan, I love this!! Your office is so beautiful!

Michele Cushatt said...

Beautiful! Tell you what ... I'll be real quiet on the couch while you work at the desk. ;)

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I loved seeing all the different places you've been writing and how you made do. Your office is beautiful!

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Oh, it's heaven in here.

Sure, Michele -- come on over and make yourself at home.

Joanna said...

Very pretty. It also looks relaxing. Enjoy!

D. Gudger said...

I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful quote. Lucille

Candee Fick said...

Thanks for the glimpse at your writing spaces. Some more cluttered than others but all were/are stepping stones to publication. May you continue to write many wonderful books in your new space.

And thanks for sharing with our group last Saturday!

Donald James Parker said...

I hope your new environment spawns some awesome manuscripts. Now if you can get your darling hubby to proofread your work, you'll have it made! :)
God bless

Need More Words said...

Megan, your room is so beautiful.
After all your hard work putting on such a beautiful wedding for your daughter I am glad that you have received something very special.
Your room looks so very relaxing, a place you want to spend a lot of time. Which is what you are going to be doing starting Sunday Nov. 1.
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Jenny said...

How wonderful! May you get your best inspiration and word counts there :-)

CatMom said...

Wow, Megan- - Congrats on your very own office! It's really lovely, and I'm sure you're enjoying it. Thanks for sharing all those pics - - I especially enjoyed the ones with the dog and also your Christmas tree - - beautiful!! :)
Blessings from Georgia,
Patti Jo

Nishant said...

Your office is so beautiful!

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