Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Breast Friend's Day

Yes, you read that correctly. It's not a typo. Today was Breast Friend's Day.

On a day (St. Patrick's Day) when nearly 50% of the population was wearing green, my girlfriends and I wore pink.

First we met for our Words For The Journey meeting. Danica Favorite-MacDonald spoke about tax issues for writers. I learned so much, and I'm r-e-a-l-l-y thankful that we have an accountant who figures all that out for us. See Michele in the center of the photo? Don't tell anyone, but I think she was probably twittering.

After WFTJ I went to lunch with Jan and Karen. We ate outside. In March. In Colorado. :)

Then we went to the Invision/Sally Jobe imaging center. Wow. They moved their suite since last year, and it looks like a spa, resort-like.

Here's a photo of Jan and Karen at the Keureg machine, they were about to brew their coffee.

And then our turns came. And, no. We didn't go in for the mammogram together.

After I completed the necessary paperwork (in a semi-private cubicle), I was instructed to go through the double doors.

I went through the doors and was greeted by a delightful, happy woman who smiled and said, "Hello, darling!" She was like a female Wal-Mart greeter on both estrogen and steroids. What a delight! She gave me a quick tour of the exam suite and then gave me a heated robe. Ahhh.

The, ahem, procedure lasted only a few minutes. Their digital machines are fast and painless.

Now, of course you can make an appointment and get a mammogram by yourself, but why should you when you can make an event of it with friends? Jan always brings chocolate to share with everyone. One of the staff referred to her as the "Chocolate Lady." Isn't that cute?

We shared smiles and laughter with some of the other ladies there today. We called it a celebration of health.

Having a mammogram usually isn't at the top of most women's list of things they want to do, but it's something that we should do for our loved ones.

It's our responsibility to guard our health, and it can even be a pleasure. Like on days like today.


Julie Carobini said...

This is just the coolest thing. I'm calling a friend next time :)

Ruthie said...

That is a great idea! So much more fun than going alone!! :)

Jan Parrish said...

My Breast Friend update is also up.

I love this annual event. So glad you were able to come and be a very important part. :)

I take issue with one aspect - the mammo was not painless.

Michele Cushatt said...

I love this. Glad you guys had fun. Count me in next time!

CatMom said...

Great idea, Megan! A group of friends going together and making a "fun time" out of it!*smile* When my precious mother was living, she and I would go together, then we'd go out for lunch or a little shopping. ~ Cute picture of you all in your pink robes! And you are right - - we should do this- - it's SO important!! Blessings, Patti Jo