Friday, March 06, 2009

Book Report

Occasionally I'll do a book report at my Tuesday morning Words For The Journey meeting. I love telling my writer friends about books I've enjoyed.

This past Tuesday I did a book report on Stealing Home by Allison Pittman. The book doesn't release until May, but I had the good fortune to read it for endorsement.

Stealing Home is a lovely tale set in a small town in Missouri in 1905. The story focuses on Ellie Jane, a clerk for the railroad, Duke Dennison, a Chicago Cubs player who is visiting Picksville to sober up in anonymity, Ned Clovis, a deaf shopkeeper who's had a long-time crush on Ellie Jane, and Morris, a 12 year old African American boy who dreams of escaping the confines of his small town.

Allison created a lovely story depicting small town life at its very worst and also at its shining best.

As a writer/reader I was intrigued by the device Allison used to bring Morris to life. The book is written in 3rd person, past tense EXCEPT for the parts narrated by Morris in 1st person, present tense. I really enjoyed this technique. You observed life in Picksville, and then Morris would interpret the goings on through the filter of his experience.

I wish Allison the best and hope she sells lots of books.

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Jan Parrish said...

Sounds very intriguing!