Monday, February 02, 2009

New Christian Women's Magazine

Have you heard of Shine? It’s a new Christian women’s magazine published in the Denver area by Word of Life Christian Center in Lone Tree.

I’ve got to tell you, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Being a girl who loves pretty things, my first reaction to seeing Shine was to sit down and investigate inside. That’s when I discovered that this substantial glossy has content as well as style.

The topics covered in the current issue are encouragement, fashion, food/entertainment, health/wellness, home décor, legal issues, life and abundant living, marriage, parenting, prayer, and the workplace. It also has a devotional calendar and book and media section.

The magazine’s publisher is Gayla Bagwell. She’s the classy lady on the cover of the current issue. Gayla’s the senior pastor’s wife of Word of Life Christian Center, and she’s been ministering alongside her husband for 33 years. She’s also launched a new website in conjunction with Shine that’s another outlet for her women’s ministry.

I have to be careful when it comes to magazines because I love them. If I had the time and money, I’m sure I could be a magazine junkie. But after finding Shine, I think I’ll give into my weakness and subscribe to just one more magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Just another example of "merchandising God's anointing".
To charge for this magazine is ridiculous and the reason why so many people have disgust with the pentacostal church today.