Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Words For The Journey

Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild, Rocky Mountain Region held its first meeting in January 2006. Sharen Watson, who founded WFTJ in Texas, has led the organization with devotion, love and purpose. Under her guidance, many local writers found their voice, spread their wings, accumulated rejections/redirections and garnered writing credits. She’s taught, encouraged, prayed, and rejoiced with local writers. Sharen’s made a difference in many lives.

This is a photo of our meeting today. You can see that we start them out early at WFTJ. See the hard-working young lady on the bottom right and the adorable little fellow at the top right? Also in the bottom right corner is little Brooke, our newest author-in-training, attending her first meeting at the tender age of two weeks.

Today Sharen passed the baton because she’ll be returning to Texas in a few months. The new director of the WFTJ RMR is Michele Cushatt. This decision was a result of prayer. Michele is truly God’s choice to guide this group through a new season. Michele is an experienced leader. She’s written and taught Bible studies, and she teaches the art of public speaking. She’s an accomplished non-fiction writer and has published articles in Today’s Christian Woman and Hearts at Home. I’m also proud to announce she’s coming out of the closet and admitting that she dabbles in fiction. Write on!

This is a photo of Sharen passing the flower pot (you didn’t think we really use a baton, did you?) to Michele. I’m honored to continue as assistant director of the group. And if you’re wondering? No—I didn’t want to assume the directorship. I thrive at being the second banana instead of the big cheese, and I know Michele is going to be very Gouda at being the big cheese. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)


Jan Parrish said...

Big congratulations to both of them. God continues to bless this group because the leadership is submitted to Him. We've waited a lot time for His answer and His answer is perfectly awesome.

Robbie Iobst said...

Yay Sharen! Yay Michele! Yay Megan! Yay God! I am so blessed that God planted me in such a rich and varied garden as Words for the Journey. It tickles me to sit and watch everyone blossom in God's timing and grow in God's timing and share their flowering beauty with each other...in God's timing.

D. Gudger said...

I'm looking forward to this WFTJ thing (am I the newest member besides the 2 week old baby?)

In the few short months I've been there, I've leared a LOT from Sharen.

We'll miss ya. My TX hubby says "gig 'em" (whatever that means).