Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh, for the good old days

Remember when folks used to rake their leaves? Now it seems like a quaint, outdated practice. Today everyone owns leaf blowers. We even broke down and bought one last year. I have to say, it makes removing leaves from our river rock edging so much easier.

Today’s a gorgeous day in Colorado, and it’s one of my writing days. The sun is peeking between puffy clouds and it’s 73 degrees with a breeze just strong enough to make the leaves dance. If only the chaise lounge wasn’t in the basement, I’d be on the patio right now. That, and if only my neighbors would rake their leaves.

The electronic buzz of the blowers is bending my brain. Is it too much to ask for a little quiet on my writing days? And how politically correct is it to use a blower? After all, Gary blows some of his leaves to our property, we blow them to Ron’s, Ron blows them to Jack, and heaven help the person at the end of the street.

My husband was out over the weekend blowing our leaves. I noticed there were still plenty left on the front lawn. “What could I do?” said my dear husband, “Terry was outside next door and . . .”


Jan Parrish said...

I just love raking leaves for some strange reason. And my hubby loves to blow them. So between the two of us we get the job done - hopefully before the first snow wants to stick to the ground.

Heather said...

ah, but you see, we actually have probably the best neighbor ever. while he's doing his lawn, he'll meander over to ours, mowing part of it or sweeping the leaves off our sidewalk. we love this guy.
normally, we don't rake or blow the leaves. we like to consider them mulch for next year's grass. :)