Thursday, April 23, 2015


Each year there comes a day when the sun shines with a delicate hue, and its warmth rests on my shoulders like an encouraging hug.

Here in Colorado, it's as if joy pulses from the earth, and a gentle green ripens the hillsides. Verdant shade upon soft, glorious shade rolls out toward the spiny horizon of the Rockies.

Each year it surprises me. Delights my senses. Fresh thin air, like a soft kiss, sweeps across the prairie. 

Trees bloom delicate flowers showering the roads with pink and white petals, pastel tears of joy.

One ordinary day dawns, brightens, and slides into eternity.

And I'm left breathless by the beauty of it all. Not for any big reason, but for a million little delights. 

Blessings, ordinary and simple overwhelm me with gratitude . . .


Ruthe Turner said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with me. Thanks for the reminder to see the world with lenses of gratitude for the many wonderful delights of each day.
Megan, your writings continue to inspire me.

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks, Ruthe. YOU bless me! :)