Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treasured reading spots . . .

Google reading nooks and you'll get two million plus links to lovely, quiet spots where you can while away some time and travel to another world within the pages of a book.

The photo shows one of my favorite reading spots. By early afternoon, trees shade that Adirondack chair and I'm cozy among the birds, bees, squirrels, and occasional garter snake while my imagination takes flight.

I was at writer's group lately, and the speaker had short assignments for us to do. One question was to finish this sentence, "I elementary school, I liked _______."

Of course the first response to come to mind was reading. And then I recalled a spot where I spent many hours reading during my childhood. It was the staircase of my parents little Cape Cod house. There were six of us living there, and hardly anyplace quiet enough or private enough for uninterrupted ready. The "cozy" home had an eat-in kitchen, living room, (ONE!) bathroom and some bedrooms.

I figured out the place where I'd least be disturbed, other than having someone pass by occasionally, was the staircase. I have fond memories of sitting on a step, leaning against the wall and reading and reading and reading.

What about you? Where did you steal off to read when you were a child?

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