Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Smell the rain and listen to the music

Goodness, we're all so busy!

And now a new year has started and we're off with a vengeance. We're running to the gym, cleaning our closets, going through our list of resolutions, looking for new jobs, trying new recipes. Busy, busy, busy.

I'm not saying those activities are bad, but are we also making time for the simple pleasures that feed our soul and connect us to humanity? I know most folks recommend stopping to smell the roses, but I prefer to smell the rain. Sometimes I'll step out on my porch to smell that lovely, earthy fragrance and listen to the sound of a billion drops of water refreshing the earth.

This video is of a world-class violinist who played in the D. C. Metro during rush hour. Days earlier he played at a prestigious venue where tickets went for $100+, but here nearly no one seemed to pause to notice or appreciate the beauty of the music.

It was their loss, those rushing past. Didn't they even have one minute to tarry? Let's try to open our senses and notice the beauty around us.

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