Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Self-publishing or traditional (royalty-paying) publishing has been a choice authors have made forever. But now, with the ease of self-publishing, the choice has been more important than ever.

What should you do? Fret no more! Literary agent Rachelle Gardner has released the first of her four-book series, A Field Guide for Authors, this month. The first title, How Do I Decide? Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing, is an easy-to-digest guide for selecting the road to publication that will best suit you.

How Do I Decide? is filled with practical information -- the first chapter is a glossary of publishing terms, demystifies the process of traditional publication, and explains the process of self-publishing.

This book is an easy read, coming in at a manageable 76 pages. As someone who doesn't often read non-fiction, this was important for me.

You'll also like the Author Perspectives, short pieces by different authors who discuss the pros and cons of their publishing choices.

To help you decide, chapter five has a checklist to run through to figure out which publishing option best suits you. The final chapter is full of great resources for both traditionally- and self-published authors.

At $3.99, this book is a bargain. The advice is honest and spot on. That's an assessment I can make because Rachelle just happens to be my literary agent.

But wait, there's more! (Yeah, sounds like an infomercial pitch, but it's the truth.) Subsequent titles in the series:
Successful Blogging: Tips & Tricks for Building and Growing Your Blog
Where Do I Start?: Getting Your Writing Carreer Off the Ground
How Do I Get an Agent?: What to Do and What to Expect

Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent with California-based Books and Such Literary Agency, representing both fiction and nonfiction. In the publishing business since 1995, Rachelle previously worked for two publishing houses in positions encompassing marketing, sales, international rights, acquisitions and editorial. She has also edited over 150 books. As an agent, she loves helping authors strategize and build their careers, and takes great joy in sharing the important mile- stones in a writer’s journey. She never tires of talking about books and publishing, and working with authors is her dream job.

Email: FieldGuideForAuthors@yahoo.com Follow Rachelle on Twitter.

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