Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How do writers connect with readers?

 Writers, have you ever thought about how to connect with your readers? About how to make them feel as if they know you or your characters?
This morning when I opened my back door to let my dog out I was greeted with happy, carefree birdsong. It was lovely to hear.
As a writer, I try to be as observant as possible about the ordinary things in life because that’s what bonds us most as people.
We all can experience the joy of listening to beautiful birdsong, we can all appreciate the beauty of nodding wildflowers alongside the road, we can all inhale the sweet fragrance of freshly cut grass (and if you’re not allergic, enjoy the aroma).
I was thrilled a few weeks ago when another writer said I was the queen of show, don't tell. (BTW, show, don’t tell is big in writing. It draws the readers into your world through their senses.)
So? Are you listening? Do you see? Can you get a whiff of that fragrant grass?
I love to scrutinize what I see, hear, smell. Earlier this year I stayed at a hotel for a weekend. In the foyer was a large table with a huge floral arrangement, composed of different types of white flowers. It was lovely, and actually looked so perfect it appeared to be silk flowers. But it wasn’t. I walked over and touched the velvet soft petals and inhaled the mix of floral fragrances. It was a wonderful sensory moment.
Who knows, perhaps some day in my writing I’ll be able to use that moment when I paused to appreciate the work someone put into arranging those lovely flowers.
And that, my friend, is one way to connect with your readers: reference common experiences in your writing. Use the ordinary in life as your word palette.


Brandi Boddie said...

I do like your description of flowers. I can almost smell them:)

One of the ways that I try to connect with my readers is by injecting humor into my stories. I have a somewhat quirky personality and I like for my characters to be a bit unusual.

Linda Castro said...

"Common" is something everyone can relate to. It is a great idea to infuse that into our writing! Thanks for the tip!

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for joining the discussion Brandi and Linda. I love the idea of using humor. I think there's always some commonality we can find to forge a relationship with our readers, Linda. I'm glad you agree.