Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye and thanks, Maeve Binchy

Goodbye, Maeve Binchy. Thank you for all the hours spent lost in your lovely novels.
An undated handout image provided by Christine Green Authors' Agent in London, Irish novelist and playwright Maeve Binchy passed away after a short illness at the age of 72 on 30 July 2012. Photo credit: EPA/Liam White

For nearly 30 years, Maeve Binchy has been my favorite novelist. I loved spending time in the worlds she created. I loved her voice. I loved that she wrote about ordinary people living ordinary lives. I loved the attention she gave to the importance of relationships. I loved the gentle ways her stories unfolded.

I buy books on the craft of writing, and one of my favorites is by Ms. Binchy. It's called The Maeve Binchy Writers' Club. Filled with practical advice, it's also written in her casual, warm style.

Maeve was never one of those unapproachable diva authors who looked down upon the literary world. She was one of us. A writer who wanted to speak to average people. A writer whose books were taken on vacation, to the park, read during a lunch hour at work.

She was not a prolific writer, writing 16 novels, four collections of short stories, a play, and a novella, but her words touched hearts and entertained many. And isn't that what a novelist hopes for?

Do yourself a favor, pick up one--or all--of Maeve Binchy's novels and spend time in her world. You won't regret it.

Which novelist do you admire? Who's your favorite?

For more information on Ms. Binchy and her passing, read this BBC article. 


Tina said...

I didn't know! Thanks for this post. RIP Maeve Binchy.

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tina.