Tuesday, October 18, 2011

True Confessions of a Word Lover

I think it's time to fess up. Sometimes I'll Twitter or Facebook a phrase or idea to see how it's received, and then I'll use it in one of my novels. Yup. I do stoop to that level.

I play word games by myself all day long. If I see/hear/smell/taste/touch something, I often try to come up with the best words to describe whatever it was I heard/smelled/tasted/touched. (Truly, it's silly, crazy, word-loving madness in my brain.)

Here are some tidbits that may find their way into my fiction:

It's so windy in SE Denver today. Grit is flying through the air, and tumbleweeds are bouncing across the street like giant cotton balls.

Pondering one of life's mysteries-- like why we meticulously iron anything made of linen.

The world is turning a soft shade of gold here in Colorado. Today as I drove down my street burnished leaves floated around my car and danced across the road.

The wind is distracting company today. It's howling down my chimney, rattling my windows, & pounding the walls. Even my aspen's trembling.

Windy, windy, windy! Pounding the house and whistling down the chimney. Feels like an uninvited guest just showed up.

Just peeked outside to see winter's cold glare glancing my way. It looks like snow's about to fall.

I love the way the autumn light slips through the leaves of my maple tree and dances across my wall.

The garbageman just went down our street tossing trash cans on their sides here and there like a grumpy toddler pitching a tantrum.

And I can't put my finger on the original text for this one, but it's already been incorporated into my wip: A delicate dusting of snow lay on what appeared to be a Victorian city. The sparkling white powder looked like confectioner's sugar passed through a sieve and sprinkled over the world.

It pleases me when friends notice my phrases and enjoy them. I keep a file of "pretty words," and I occasionally look through them and select one for a scene. Right now I'm thinking how my character will be ironing one day and wonder why she's so meticulous about ironing linen . . .

Image credit: linesfromthewire.blogspot.com


Kathy said...

I love pretty words, too. You have a great list there. Ever crafted a story just to use a pretty words line? Or do you just watch for the right moment? Thanks!

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for your kind words. I've never created a story for pretty words I craft throughout my day, yet!

I knew that my wip would have the phrase about the snow as soon as I twittered it. The scene was a winter one, and so I tweaked it to fit.

Do you keep a file of pretty words? You should.

Jennifer K. Hale said...

Love the photo you used here! Very cool!

I like pretty words, too. But I don't like when an author attaches himself or herself to a pretty word and uses it over and over. It's like it jumps off the page at me with a, "Here I am again!"
You ever notice that?

Megan DiMaria said...

Yes, Jennifer, I've noticed when authors use a favorite word or phrase too much. I often do a search to make sure I'm not repeating the same word or phrase. My critique partners are pretty good at spotting things like that. We keep each other on our toes.