Tuesday, August 02, 2011

NEW - Resource for writers!

Writers have an obligation to their readers and to themselves to be lifelong learners and improve their craft. One way to do that is to read books on writing, attend conferences, and read blogs on writing.

Today the WordServe Water Cooler blog will host its inaugural post.

The WSWC blog is an online reference written by the clients of the WordServe Literary Agency. I'm proud to say that I'm one of the 30+ contributing writers. The blog will post daily about marketing, publishing, the craft of writing, social media, and anything else that will help other writers on their publishing journey.

The contributors, some published and some not-yet published authors, will share helpful information for both fiction and non-fiction writers. We'll tell you what has worked for us and what has not worked in our writing careers.

Check it out, subscribe or bookmark the page. Our goal is to help others achieve success in their publishing dreams.

The WSWC blog is inspired by my agent Rachelle Gardner's blog, which is an annual pick for the top 101 websites for writers by Writer's Digest Magazine. Rachelle posts on every aspect of publishing--but from an agent's point of view. The WSWC blog is similar, but from the perspective of authors.

And speaking of Rachelle's blog, today she is hosting her 1st WordServe blog tour. She'll post links to blog posts where authors explain what they've done, or plan to do, to market their books as well as other advice for new writers.

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