Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Covers

I'm always interested in studying book covers. I love to see if there are any strong clues about the story within.

More often than we realize, books share similar cover art.
Two years ago I blogged (with pictures) about two books with the same image on them. And now it's happened again.

I imagine publishers and authors cringe when the covers are so similar. Maybe not. Perhaps someone can put a good spin on the situation.

Right now I'm thinking of covers because Out of Her Hands is in the process of become an e-book. I'm excited, and I want it to have a dynamite cover. I think it will! In just a few weeks (I hope) I'll be able to share it with you.

I know without a doubt the new cover for Out of Her Hands will be a one of a kind. That's because I'm working with my friend Pauline of Fat Tuna Photography to create the concept that's been simmering in my mind.

What about you? How important are book covers when you're selecting your next read? What type of cover image draws you to a book?


Imani said...

Since my collection of short stories won't be release until this winter, I have an idea what I want my cover. Since the overall theme is love, faith, and forgiveness, I've chosen symbol instead of placing people/ or person on the cover. I'm doing this to attract a mass audience. My characters except one in each of the narratives are African American. The reality is if I put an A.A. on my cover, it will appeal only to one audience.

Now as far book covers in general? My daughter and I talked about this over the weekend. She stressed, "If a book cover is ugly, she won't be interested in reading it". That's coming from a fourteen year old.

My opinion is not different from hers, except I will give the author the benefit of doubt and try to read their book. I know many would walk past if the book cover is not appealing. I try to have a heart. <3

Megan DiMaria said...

Good thoughts, Imani. I'm sure plenty of consideration is put into covers by publishers. I'm sure they want to get it "right." Trouble is -- you can't please everyone. I've seen some covers I love and some that leave me cold. It's so subjective.

Jaime Wright said...

Yep - I've noticed this before too. Or at least the same model in a different pose or angle on the covers. It's ok tho. While book covers are admittedly huge for me, I don't google to see if I can find a similar match ;)