Friday, December 10, 2010

‘Tis the season to be nasty?

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah!

Extending the greetings of the holidays is risky business these days. Apparently some people feel put upon to have to endure the kind thoughts and warm wishes that are shared this time of year.

Grinches and Scrooges are hijacking society. Whatever happened to live and let live? In modern America people who protest religious Christmas displays are old news. How very sad. I truly believe that people of faith are among the last people group to whom it’s okay to be biased and discriminatory. It’s PC to bash the believers. Sigh.

Another example of the Grinch in action happened this week in the UK when a rare thorn tree, a symbol of Christianity, was vandalized. The perpetrator hasn’t been caught, and in all honesty it could be an anti-monarchist, an anti-Christian, or someone who’s an atheist.

It is unfortunate that such ugly actions take place during the season of love, light, and perpetual hope. And all I can say in response is a heartfelt, “Merry Christmas!”

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Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Well said!

You know what's even sadder? The fact that Christianity is still the majority and yet we tolerate the naysayers. Atheists and non-Christian believers are such a small percent, yet they get such a large amount of the vote.
I'm in favor of ripping our lands back, our culture! And maybe setting up a new Crusade (minus the blood and sacrifice, of course!).

Maybe with passing along a very sincere Merry Christmas to all (even those Scrooges and Grinches) we can set out on a forgiving-love-thy-neighbor type of Crusade - one Christ himself would approve of.

Thanks for being so thought provoking! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!