Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This or that?

Choices. Some are infinitely important, others not so much. One that comes to mind with the Christmas season is angel or star. Know what I’m talking about? It’s a question of what to use to decorate the top of your Christmas tree. We go with angel. Just saying.

My darling husband and I are beginning to dream about our next vacation choice. I’m not a cruise-kind-of girl. Give me solid earth, perhaps a spot with a nice beach and tropical weather. BTW, I also have an irrational fear of pirates. Yup, that made my travel agent laugh till she cried.

So when we go on a getaway vacation, it’s usually a tropical beach. Today I glanced at the news and saw another cruising nightmare—rough seas. Check this out.

Yes, I'm pushing for my next tropical vacation to be on a beach, under a palapa, with a good book. How about you? What’s your dream vacation?


Lisa Jordan said...

We have an angel on top of our tree--tradition from my childhood.

If you've never been, consider Sanibel Island (Gulf coast of FL near Fort Myers) for your next tropical beach vacation. Gorgeous!

Kay Day said...

Well, I know I don't want to go through the Drake Passage!

My dream vacation is a long visit to the UK.
But I'd settle for a long stay in a cozy mountain cabin. Just so we had maid service. :)

Megan DiMaria said...

We have an angel, too, Lisa. I've heard Sanibel Island is nice. I'll have to look into it.

A quiet cabin sounds good too, Kay. Anywhere luxury and quiet is good for me.