Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Observing

When you’re out and about, even if it’s only your backyard, I think it’s important for a writer to be a good observer. Noting what you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste adds to your mental database of adjectives and phrases you can use in your work someday.

I’ve been noticing the prairie grasses on my (almost) daily walks. They’re nearly up to my waist and surround the concrete path that is the Cherry Creek Trail. The other day a breeze was blowing. Some of the grasses have flat fronds with a hand-like shape and others are thin and tapered, looking deceptively fragile.

As the wind stroked the grasses the ones with the flat fronds waved to me as though I were a trusted friend, while the thinner grasses bowed down like I was passing royalty.

I’m fairly certain that someday I'll create a scene that features those winsome grasses.

*The photo above doesn't show the grasses I'm talking about but it's one of the views on my walk. I took these photo a few years ago. Fortunately, the scene remains the same.

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