Friday, April 23, 2010


When I awoke yesterday it was raining and so very dark outside. The heavy clouds pressed close to the earth and motorists were driving with lights on.

I had several errands to run, and I resigned myself to enduring the gloomy, wet day. I left the house early wearing a flannel jacket, fortifying myself against the elements.

After my first stop I came outside, hopped in my car, and headed south. I looked up to the sky and witnessed what felt like a miracle. Looking to the southwest I saw a patch of brilliant blue in the sky—right over Pikes Peak. It was spectacular. The sky above me and to the north and east were still dark and menacing, but there was a promise in the sky right in front of my eyes

By the time I came out of my second appointment, the skies were mostly clear. The day was so lovely I felt as though I had traveled to Eden. The morning rain had washed the atmosphere. The skies were crystal clear, and the snow-capped Rocky Mountains looked like a mirage against the blue, blue sky.

The change in weather created a lightness in my heart. As I was driving, it hit me—my expectations had colored my perception of what the day held. I was so relieved to see the heavy clouds dissipate and the bright sun cast shadows on the greening landscape. Of course two hours later it rained, hailed, and a tornado passed overhead. But it was quick and then the clouds parted.

I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here. Don’t rely on your expectations or allow them to rule your thoughts because you just might end up being 100% wrong. Know what I mean? Has that ever happened to you?

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