Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Yippi for ParkerFest

I had a blast at ParkerFest on Sunday. I love Parker, it's such a sweet, pretty, friendly place.The Douglas County Library system paid for the booth I occupied and furnished a nifty canopy, table, chair, and banner. I brought along my books, a poster, and some marketing materials.
I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with book lovers and hanging out where folks were having fun. Of course the fun only lasted until the tornado warnings came. Fortunately my husband kept me company, and my darling daughters stopped by just in time to help dismantle the canopy and pack up. The tornado touched down not far from where we were.

It was amazing to feel the temperatures drop so quickly and the sky cloud over. You can see how beautiful it was from the photos, and then the Colorado weather took over and changed the day.


smithsk said...

When you come to an event, things really happen! Glad you all were safe.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Looks like a lot of fun. I used to work in Parker, CO. Beautiful city.