Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WFTJ Photo Day

Yesterday several of my Words For The Journey friends got together to support the five of us who were getting new headshots. We had a blast!

As you can see, a photo session is a group project with the WFTJ crew. In all there were about ten of us milling around enjoying each other's company.

Terri Michael is the model of the moment in the above photo. Darcie Gudger is holding the reflector, photographer extraordinaire Pauline Fortuna is coaching Terri, and Darcie's boy "Booger" is chatting with Lucille Zimmerman. That beautiful spot is O'Brien Park in downtown Parker.
Here Genevra Bonati's posing while we look on and encourage her smiles. I should have taken more photos to show the support we had. Several ladies who weren't getting their photo taken came along for moral support. This part of the session was held in my neighborhood, there were some attractive shady spots that made a good background.

If I weren't holding the reflector when Michele Cushatt was getting her photo taken I'd have a cool picture of her coming headfirst out of a twisty slide. Trust me, it's going to be a great headshot.


Jenny said...

So, did you get a new shot? When will be be able to check it out?
Looks like you all had fun:-)
Abundant blessings!

Money Honey said...

Can't wait to see all my beautiful friends looking extra special in these finished pics!