Sunday, April 05, 2009

Do I really look that dumb?

I was accosted by one of those product snipers that lurk at the kiosks in the mall this past week. She seemed innocent enough, "May I share some hand lotion with you, ma'am?"

The lotion was lovely, but then before I knew it, she was dabbing me with two layers of eye creams. Apparently they must work together for the desired result. A moment after she finished dabbing the second eye, she pulled out a mirror. "Oh, see that? See the difference? All those fine lines have disappeared!"

Really? Hmm. I didn't see anything.

She further explained. "They activate the muscles in your skin immediately."

Really? I didn't have the heart to tell this eager sniper that skin does not have muscles. So, how much do you think this stuff costs?

Hold onto your hat.

A 4 oz. vial is $160! Yes, that's right. To purchase both 4 oz. vials would cost you a whopping $320!!

Now I'm wondering why she chose to snare me and dupe me into shelling out that much money on eye cream. After all, I have many other parts that can use work beside my eyes. If I started there, who knows where this beautification project would end up.

You know, it would be like the lady who decides to purchase new sofa cushions, and then she has to buy new curtains, new carpets, paint the room, and then of course the sofa's got to be replaced because it no longer "goes" with the room.

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Cheri said...

Hi Megan,

I'm an aspiring author, and I found your website through a cyber trail from Mary DeMuth's blog. I was looking for a place to sign up to "follow" your blog, but didn't see it, so I thought I'd just drop you a short note.

Loved this post! I HATE it when I get trapped like that in the mall. I still have a set of lotion, almond oil for my cuticles, and a nail buffer that "they" convinced me I couldn't live without! (Actually, I just couldn't say no forcefully enough, and I gave up trying.) It didn't cost me $300, but it still cost too much...

I pray God's blessings on all your endeavors.

Cheri Hardaway