Monday, September 29, 2008

She's done it again!

My poor, dumb, old, silly, lovable girl Belle has done it again.

She ate something (lots of somethings) that she shouldn't have.

In the past she's eaten a container of vaseline, a bag of foil-wrapped candy, a half pound of Brie cheese, cheddar cheese, dollar bills, a bar of Dove soap, thyroid medication, a baked ham (off Grandma's dining room table!), buried potatoes (out of Grandpa's garden!), plastic wrap from frozen pizza, yummy-smelling papertowels that were used to wipe up spilled bbq sauce, toothpaste, and I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

It's a miracle this dog still lives. Once my vet had me administer hydrogen peroxide orally to help her empty her stomach. That was not pretty.

This evening I put her food in her bowl and she rolled her eyes and walked away. Upon further inspection, she had something red hanging from her whiskers. It was the hard candy shell from a blow pop. We estimate that she might have eaten around 11 of them. And probably some of the cardboard sticks.

The good news is that she apparently has a tummy of steel. The photo above was taken last October, the night after her last visit to the doggie ER. See where her leg was shaved for her IV?

I'll let you know how she does tomorrow. She's not exhibiting that "Oh, no. Take me to the doctor" behavior, so we're hoping it will be fine. As long as we can restrict her diet to dog food!

***9/30/08--She's fine. She just needed to empty her tummy and sleep it off. 


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness.

I don't know how the dogs do it...seems they find anything and everything to eat that they shouldn't. I have to I know how you feel.

No recent ER visits...but that's pure luck at this point. My husband's childhood dog ate almost a whole bag of Hershey's Kisses...yeah, chocolate AND wasn't pretty, but she survived.

Hang in there. I hope Belle is doing well.

Jan Parrish said...

You'd better get some Nux Vomicia and have it on hand for these type of doggie emergencies. It's a homeopathic aid for stomach problems. It will probably make her vomit or it will cure her tummy issues. Good news is that plastic will travel through and the cardboard is just paper so it will process well.

Kim S. said...

We've had to pour hydrogen peroxide down our dog's throat when he ate a pair of sweat socks. Yes, sweat socks, and dirty ones at that! You have to wonder why they choose such odd snacks... But despite their quirks, we love them anyway. I hope your doggie is all better by now. Give her an extra snuggle for me.