Friday, September 19, 2008

ACFW Conference

I'm currently in Minneapolis at the annual ACFW conference. My brain's about ready to explode from information overload. But that's okay, that's just the way it is when you're at a conference of this caliber.

This is my view from my room.But if you get close to the window and angle your view, you see this:

This year, for the first time, I arrived early to attend an Early Bird session. It was on deep editing and was taught by Margie Lawson. I can't believe the name of the workshop was Deep Editing, it should have had a more spectacular name like, "Power Up Your Writing and Stir Up Your Creativity," because that's the effect it had on me.

I'm attending a continuing session taught by author James Scott Bell called "Taking Your Career to the Next Level." It involves career planning, covering trends, marketing, agents, editors, and the art of "keeping on." Today, during the first part of the session, he hosted Angie Hunt for a Q&A.

Last night I went to the imfamous chocolate party at Michelle Sutton's room.

Doesn't Linda Kozar look like she's really savoring that candy?

This is a photo of a dream come true: my book (Searching for Spice) in the ACFW conference bookstore.
This evening I had dinner with authors Tina Forkner and Nicole Young. Touching base with old friends and making new friends is one of the greatest benefits of attending conferences. I met Tina in 2005 when we were both unpublished authors attending the conference in Nashville.

Tomorrow I look forward to some great sessions and workshops. The afternoon will be spent at the HUGE book signing at the Mall of America, and tomorrow night will be the awards banquet.



Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun. Wishing I could be there.

Love seeing Linda getting her chocolate fix!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I was supposed to be there too, but things don't always work out as we plan.

Congrats on your book.

Linda (ACFW)

Kay Day said...

Looks like great fun! I'm looking forward to next year!