Monday, June 09, 2008

Watch This Book

A Wall Street Journal article caught my eye this weekend. The title of the story is "Watch This Book." 

The article discusses the several different kind of videos authors produce and poses the question of whether they're worth the $$ authors spend on them. 

It also lists the new outlets for book trailers and author videos. 

Check out the article yourself.

PS: I still plan on making a book trailer for Searching for Spice. I'll share it with you when it's finished. 


Jan Parrish said...

Or we could put on a play with finger puppets? Not sure I can in vision that.

COS Productions said...

The article missed a lot of additional opportunities that trailers bring in like encouraging reading, bringing young people (who are already online) to books.

Having a video is half the battle. Just having one isn't going to get you sales. Getting it to the right people is what makes the difference and I don't think the article touches on that.

We have our videos sent out to 300 booksellers and 5000 libraries. We have hundreds of social network sites we can post to. And we have a contract with Transit TV that puts our videos in front of 11 million people a week. We utilize specialty sites such as Watch the Book, Preview the Book, LiveWriters, GoodReades, BooksiLove, etc.

Trailers are not new. But their reach continues to grow. That's where the real story is, if you ask me.