Friday, June 20, 2008

P~A~R~T~Y Friday!

Today was a day of celebration with some good friends. I met my writer girlfriends to celebrate Jan's birthday over lunch at Carrabba's. 
Jan's birthday party rule was that guests must wear hats. The only hat I have is one of those straw hats only suitable for gardening. And what a coincidence, we both ended up wearing tiaras. Sweet! Believe it or not, I got a few odd looks. As if people never see a grown woman wearing a tiara. Come on!

And then tonight we went to our friend Ron's 50th birthday bash.
These are my neighborhood peeps. My honey, me, birthday boy Ron, the lovely Leah, sweet Marie, and techno-man Andy. In the front is Ryan (look out L. A. in 2010!) and the rhythmic and charming Sheri. It's always great to get together with these dear souls. We've cared for each other as if we were family since 1994 when we all bought homes on the same street. I try not to talk about my neighbors too much, it makes other people jealous.


Ruthie said...

You had quite a day of celebrations. Fun. I'm glad you wore your tiara - they are fun.

Jan Parrish said...

You party animal! I see you took your tiara off for the other party.

Your friendship is such a joy to me.Looks like your neighbors feel the same way.